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  • Responsive pages with Artisteer / Ruby
    I use Artisteer to generate the templates for my Joomla, Wordpress and Rails sites. I put together a Ruby on Rails site and it was not responsive. I dusted off some memory cells and remembered that there was a line in the layouts/application.html.erb file that needed to be changed. A file comparison with the same file from an app that was responsive pointed me in the right direction. There was
  • Interesting article on what hackers do with pwned sites
    I found this today. It is a study of why hackers try to take over sites.
  • Can't fill out the initial profile on Sendgrid while using chrome
    I was trying to set up an account with Sendgrid. After you sign up, you need to fill out a profile. However, the Save button would not work in chrome. I did get the form filled out with Firefox.. Now it's time to roll up my sleeves and see if I can get Sendgrid to work with my Runy droplet on DigitalOcean.
  • Use whoami to check before running bundle install so you don't run it as root
    I screwed up my droplet (ruby on rails) on my digitalocean hosting by running bundle install as root. When you do that, there is a warning that this will break rails for other users. I haven't taken the time to figure out how to fix that. Since I was getting started with that hosting, I decided to simply delete the existing droplet and recreate it. However, since I do need to use root from time
  • site monitoring with Ruby on Rails
    I needed a way to show the status (Up/down) of internal Ruby applications.  I found an answer on StackOverflow that pointed me in the right direction (Apologies that I can't locate that post). . I modified that somewhat by putting it into a method and passing the site name to it.  If you put the following code in a controller, and all it as indicated in the remarks from your view, it will check
  • Vulnerability Scanner for Ruby/Rails
    I found a tool called brakeman that does vulnerability scans of rails applications. It installs as a gem and you run it from the command line. I had some issues with it using up memory but found a way around it. The paid version is $500 per license. However, the free version works pretty well. I can just do a > redirect to a text file from the dos command.  i.e.  


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