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  • D-Link DCH S160 Wifi Water sensor - SETUP HELL!!
    I purchased a Dlink DCH S160 Water Sensor. We're expecting a lot of rain and I wanted to monitor my basement. I expected to spend 10 minutes to set it up.WELL.... Thanks you pointed headed idiots at Dlink.. I'm now into 90 minutes and no stinking connection.. They have really cute graphics on the app BUT I DON"T WANT CUTE GRAPHICS.. I WANT A WORKING WATER SENSOR!!!! Let's start with the
  • CREEPY - Google Satellite view removing vehicles from roads and highways
    8/20/15 This is like something out of "The Day After" or "The Walking Dead".   I was mapping a route with Google Maps and switched to Satellite view. I noticed that there was a lack of cars on I-95 in South Philly. Given Philadelphia's traffic, I thought that there should be SOME cars regardless of the time of day   I started following 95 looking for the traffic jam.. I noticed that ALL
  • Microsoft allows manufacturers to install crapware that COMES BACK EVEN AFTER A CLEAN INSTALL
    I can't imagine what microsoft is thinking..  Windows 8 and 10 allows manufacturers to install crapware ... AND... UNBELIEVABLY... set up the firmware so that the crapware reinstalls itself if you do a clean install of windows..
  • Issues with Oracle's VM Virtualbox and Windows 10
    I have not 'upgrade' to Windows 10 yet. I needed to update my Oracle VM Virtualbox and found that there were some compatibility issues between Virtualbox and Windows 10 Please be aware that Windows 10 is not yet officially supported! There are known problems with VirtualBox 5.0.2 on Windows 10 hosts and with Windows 10 guests. Some of the problems are
  • Scheduled restart of uvnc_service to restore connectivity when away with UVNC VNC server
    I use UVNC to remote into my desktop while I'm not in my home office. I have been running into situations where the uvnc_service needs to be restarted.  Of course, if you aren't in front of the machine or no one is available, then you can't restart the service. This could be a problem if you need access and are away. One solution, that I might consider later, would be a remote boot over IP.
  • Securing a small office network.
    Many small business networks are horrendously insecure. The following is a basic list of things that you should do to secure your network. Get rid of 32 bit versions of Windows.  There are architectural differences in 32 bit versions of Windows that make that OS much more vulnerable to attacks.  Switch to 64 bit versions. Get rid of XP and Server 2003. Unbelievably, there are organizations


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