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What would you say if I told you that your television was listening to your conversations?

Many years ago,  back in the 1980’s. I studied Tae Kwon Do.  After class we would often go out for ONE beer. Any more and the instructor would not be happy.

One night, one of the newer students said “You know, they used to only be able to listen to you, now they can watch you through your television”. We had a couple of minutes of discussion on this. Continue reading

Meltdown and Spectre are going after your private information.

There are two vulnerabilities that were recently brought to light. The essence of these attacks is that they can establish processes that can read the supposedly secure data from other processes.

Suppose you are logged in to your bank via the web. There is data there about account numbers, balances, passwords etc. Some of that will be encrypted. However, the exploit MIGHT be able to view the unencrypted data. After all, your balance and account numbers need to be displayed in a format you can read. Continue reading

Equifax thought admin/admin was a good login/pw to secure your personal information. …

Some more on the equifax thing. Yesterday I posted links to the fact that the Chief of Security for Equifax had a Masters in MUSIC..

I came across an excellent article where, apparently, the writer was in direct contact with the hackers. The lack of security of OUR PERSONAL INFORMATION at the hands of Equifax is appalling.

In one example, they had a critical dashboard secured as admin/admin..  In another case, they had the private keys stored directly on a dashboard page. Continue reading

Equifax’s Chief Security Officer’s Qualifications – SHE WAS A MUSIC MAJOR.!!

Equifax just had a MASSIVE breach that exposed the personal information of MILLIONS of people.

This was despite the outstanding credentials of their Chief Security Officer.. Yep, she had a BA and Master’s in Music.

Marketwatch has an excellent article about this at Continue reading

Dlink DCS 936L camera – False alarms all day but misses SUVs, Mailmen and all 240 pounds of me.

Let me preface this by saying that the DCS 936L is not designed for outdoor use. I installed it under my garage eave to look at the driveway and doorway.

The way the unit is now, it’s worse than worthless. I turned the sensitivity up to 50 percent (It Was windy today and the unit is under the garage eve looking at the driveway and door). Continue reading

Guardzilla won’t work with my Moto XT

I purchased an outdoor Guardzilla security camera. I got it set up and working with my Moto X Pure edition. After a few minutes, it started downloading a camera update. After that, I could no longer connect.

I tried reinstalling the app on my phone but still could not connect. I exchanged that unit for a new one at Staples. Guess what.. the new one wouldn’t connect either. Continue reading

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