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Christopher G Mendla - Technology Consulting - Web Design Portfolio

We have designed dozens of sites over the last decade. We will develop a site according to your needs and budget. Some examples are:


This is the website of the Bucks County School of Beauty Culture. We took the existing site and redesigned it using Microsoft Frontpage about 5 years ago. We have re-designed the site using Joomla in 2011. This site was recently migrated from Joomla 1.5 to Joomla 2.5  Some aspects of the site are:
  • The end user can modify allcontent
  • Multiple forms are spam resistant using Captcha built using Fabrik
  • The site contains a blog to allow up to date content modification
  • A gallery application
  • SEO (Search Enging Optimization) assistance
  • Training and an initial setup of google adsense pay per click advertising
  • Establishment of a password protected students only area
  • Installation and analysis of Google Analytics visitor tracking
Bucks County School of Beauty Culture Website 


This site is for a local automotive repair shop. The site was originally in MS Frontpage and was converted to Joomla in the summer of 2012. 


  • Built in Joomla
  • Conversion of an MS  Frontpage based site
  • Facebook "Like" button
  • Custom Template
  • We shot and edited many of the photos used on the site
  • The site was updated from Joomla 2.5.x to Joomla 3.4 in March 2015
 Bristol and Taylor Garage Thumb


This is a site for a professional organizer. It includes a shopping cart used to catalog and display items offered for sale on behalf of clients. 

  • Built in Joomla
  • Uses Virtuemart as a means of organizing and displaying products for sale
  • An ebay extension provides a feed of the client's ebay sales. 
  • A Joomla extension provides a gallery for displaying additional items.


This is a site for a brass and copper dealer.

  • The site was converted from MS Frontpage to Joomla in October 2012. 
  • We provided some photography (NOT the photo on the cover page and clip-art)
  • Custom quotation form built in Fabrik.
  • This site was upgraded from Joomla 2.5.x to 3.4 in March 2015
Hillman Brass and Copper website


This was a quick turn around site for rentals of apartments near Temple University. 


  • Built in Joomla
  • Custom gallery extension added. 
  • Custom template designed in Artisteer
Campus Park East


This site was developed according to very specific requirements set by the owner, a professional middle eastern dancer.

  • Extensive photo editing and layout
  • Site designed and Maintained in MS Frontpage. 
 Donna Dance

A basic site for a construction company

  • Built on Joomla
  • Linked youtube videos of site construction

  • Provide ad-hoc technical support for the site.

We provide technical support for this site. 

  • Recoded the '360' page to restore functionality
  • Provided support to allow the site to meet the creative designer's vision.

We fixed numerous functionality issues with the site such as forms not working and various layout and navigation issues.

This is our own consulting site. It is integrated with my blog at

  • Custom Artisteer Template.

This is our blog that uses the Google Blogger platform. 

  • Customized blogger template
  • Advertising included

Virus Removal and Repair


We provide a full range of virus removal and computer repair services. 


All materials copyright Christopher G. Mendla 2015

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