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Google + update on Samsung Galaxy S3 giving a Can’t Load Data Error – SOLVED (At least somewhat)

I am still using my Samsung Galaxy S3 phone. I use Google + mainly to check shared locations of friends.  Guess which part of the phone and Google – doesn’t work?  Yep, the shared locations. Ever since the last Google + update some time in March of 2015, I’m getting a Can’t load data error.

Well, I can always jump over and use my Nexus 7.. Oh wait.. the Google Lollipop update screwed that tablet up to the point where I could get better results with a clay tablet and wooden stylus. Continue reading

Server Problem, Please try later error with Google + Locations on Samsung S3 – SOLVED

I use the location sharing on Google + Locations.  My Samsung Galaxy S III started giving an error of “Server problem – please try later” when I tried to update locations.

If I rebooted the phone, it seemed to give me  a fresh location but then went right back to the error.

Google + locations was working fine on my Nexus 7. Continue reading

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