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Responsive pages with Artisteer / Ruby

I use Artisteer to generate the templates for my Joomla, WordPress and Rails sites. I put together a Ruby on Rails site and it was not responsive. I dusted off some memory cells and remembered that there was a line in the layouts/application.html.erb file that needed to be changed. A file comparison with the same file from an app that was responsive pointed me in the right direction. Continue reading

Artisteer templates with Ruby on Rails – Header and graphics not showing – solution

I was creating a Ruby on Rails site and used Artisteer 4.3 to generate the template.

Even though I included the precompile directives in assets.rb, I was still not seeing the images for the header and some other images. I tried a rake assets:clobber / rake assets:precompile but that didn’t help.

The problem was that the references in style.css to images were in the form of Continue reading

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