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Philadelphia’s “Free Wireless” project

This will be an interesting one to watch… Philadelphia, Pa is implementing a massive wireless internet project. I’m not really sure I would want the government involved with, or as, my isp. … especially Philadelphia’s government..

Some random thoughts

* I wonder how this will affect other ISPs in the area.
* Verizon is stringing a lot of fiber in the Philly area. For those who can afford the difference between $20 and Verizon’s rates there is no comparison in speed. FIOS wins hands down.
* Security will be an issue. With most a one of the larger US cities going wireless, it will be interesting to see if all of the personal data over the air stays private and personal.
* With all the microwave radiation, you will probably be able to re-heat your philly cheesesteak or soft pretzel by holding it outside your window..

Philadelphia Wireless Internet Project Advances – News and Analysis by PC Magazine: ”
Philadelphia Wireless Internet”

UPDATE DEC 2017 – The wireless interenet project failed. See my new post The failure of Philadelphia’s “Free Wireless” project

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