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Beware of using third party email as your prime email account

There is a thread at about someone who was using a Yahoo email account as their primary email. Suddenly they found that the account was deleted. The problem was that the account contained their whole life. Apparently, they had not saved the emails.

This could be a disaster if you are doing things like registering domain, purchasing hosting or doing auctions.

One person posted a reply that the original poster should consider purchasing a domain and using that domain for their emails. That’s great advice. Some people might not have the technical knowledge for that, but they should be able to hire someone to set them up for a relatively modest amount.

We still see businesses run on AOL accounts. Converting old AOL emails to outlook can take some time. However, you will have to do it sooner or later. You might as well make the move now.

If you are using AOL, Hotmail, Yahoo mail or Gmail, you might want to make a risk assessment of the impact of suddenly losing the account. None of these services provide a really easy way to back up that I know of . (If you know of any that provide an easy backup, please reply to this post).

Link to the thread at webproworld

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