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MainorArchivePage tag in Blogger

The tag in blogger will cause text within that tag to only show on your home page or archive pages. (For sites published to your own hosting via ftp). We have tweaked some of our blogs to show a permalink link. The problem was that if someone follows a permalink back to your blog, the text withing the MainorArchivePage tag will not show.

If you had ads within this tag, then they will not show on permalinked pages. In some cases, this can negatively impact your revenue.

If you simply move the ending MainorArchivePage tag to just below the beginning MainorArchivePage tag, then everything in your main sidebar will show on all pages, not just main or archive pages.

The tag can be useful in cutting down the size of the sidebar when you have a number of ads, links and other info in your sidebar. With the tag, you can shorten the sidebar for pages such as permalink pages that will naturally be much shorter than a main or archive page.

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