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Update on Hotel wireless.. Another DUH-OH moment

I posted about a week ago on hotels with poor wireless connectivity.

Well, I wanted to update the post. As we were leaving our room, our son asked if the green Cat 5 belonged to us or the hotel.. Green Cat5? I don’t own no steenking green Cat-5. Well, if there is a patch cable, then there should be an ethernet jack.

I took a closer look on the wall under the desk. The plate holding the phone jack also had a cat-5 jack (labeled in miniscule type). It appears that the rooms have wired as well as wireless connectivty. I had mentioned to poor wireless connectivity to several of the staff including the front desk and business center. Not one of them mentioned that the rooms were wired.

So, from now on I need to take a closer look before assuming that there is no wired connectivity. I also found that you cannot rely on the staff with regard to internet access.

The good thing was that the cellular broadband card worked almost as well as a wired connection and the unlimited access plan did not end up costing me extra.

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