Blogger, custom domains and GoDaddy

Last Updated on December 4, 2019 by Christopher G Mendla

WARNING – Messing with the domain records can cause all sorts of problems (infinite loops, etc). BE CAREFUL AND USE THE FOLLOWING INFO AT YOUR OWN RISK

I wanted to set this blog up with a domain name of instead of The blog is hosted at Blogger.

I set up the cname records as indicated in the blogger help. I also checked the box to forward to

It looked OK when I went to www. However, when I went to the non www, I ended up at the godaddy parked page. Of course, that is bad for (1) lost traffic and (2) lost revenue going to godaddy instead of yours truly.

GoDaddy support had a couple of ideas, but none of them seemed idea.

I found a blog with a pretty good description of the issues at

I deleted the A record but that did not seem to have any effect. I didn’t want to delete the two DNS records pointing to the domain parking. (Not sure if you can even do that).

I’ll have to check back after allowing time for DNS propagation. However it looks like the non www is still going to the godaddy parking pages.

I found a post that looks promising. The idea is to set up an additional cname record to point back to blogger (

I gave that a shot and will check back later to see if it took.

I thought that having things hosted at Blogger would make life easier. Apparently it does not. It would have been simpler to have used my own hosting as I do on some of our other blogs. Also, that would mean that I could easily set up a working email for the domain (Something that is required in certain instances)

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