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Vista and Serif Photoplus

Well, I’m still working with Vista Home Premium on the new laptops.

We’ve had some issues and some successes.

I use Photoplus 11 from Serif software. It’s a really good substitute for Adobe Photoshop at about 10% of the cost.

The license allows you to install it on a desktop and one laptop. I checked out the Serif site and they indicated that Photoplus 11 will run under Vista if you install the patch they provide. I had my 12 year old son install Photoplus and the patch. So far, everything is working fine.

Once again, a migration to Vista can cause a lot of compatibility issues with both hardware and software. As you add your older hardware and software to your new Vista machine, you need to check for compatibility and visit the manufacturer’s support pages. Moving to Vista, in most cases, can be a complex process.

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