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Vista and Norton Internet Security not playing well together

We had one computer where the trial version of NIS had expired so we loaded one license from a 3 pack of NIS. Prior to loading it, I believe we ran the Norton removal tool. Everything went well.

We had a second laptop running Vista home premium and did the same thing.

The problem was that the Windows security center was complaining that there was no firewall and no malware protection. I found some indication that rebuilding the Repository would fix the situation.. OOOPPS.. Windows crashed and had to do the good old repair thing.

OK once the machine healed iteself, I did the norton removal tool and reinstalled NIS. I’m not sure if we lost a license or not. Norton was shoing the “Fix me” button until I ran liveupdate. Now everything is working great.

Update 3/2/08 – The laptop rebooted because of a Windoze update and the old “Firewall is disabled and no malware” message is back. Vista and Norton just don’t want to play nicely. It appears that the firewall is active and that the malware protection is working. So, I suppose my options are

  1. Spend a lot of time trying to figure this out
  2. Ignore it by changing windows to say “I’ll monitor things”
  3. Leave things as is for a while and see if the folks at either Microsoft or Symantec figure out how to make things work
  4. Go to another AV although I’ve already purchase a 3 pack of nis 2008 and only used 1 license.

My vote is for option 3. I am going to run some port scans to make sure that the firewall is actually working

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