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Blogger and duplicate descriptions in G’s Webmaster tools

Google’s Webmaster tools has some neat new sections. One of them is a diagnostic called Content Analysis . It will show problems that can kill your rankings such as duplication in titles or descriptions.

We have a couple of blogs. Some of them are hosted at blogger and some we host. The first blog we checked that was hosted at blogger (though with a custom domain) was fine. No content issues were found. Great.

We then checked a blog that is hosted by us. That showed that every page had the same meta descsription. That’s bad for two reasons (1) The snippets showing up in the search aren’t adequately reflecting the content and (2) there is a lot of evidence that duplicate titles and descriptions can hurt your Search Engine Ranking, especially with Google.

We did find a blog at That seems to have the answer. There’s no time left tonight to try out his suggestion for a dynamic meta tag but we’ll try it out this week and post the results.

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