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Irony Defined – Liberal Huffpost hires Riaa CEO and then hijacks artist’s work

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Liberals – Gotta love them.

First of all, the Huffington Post hired Hilary Rosen, a former CEO of RIAA, as their ‘political director’. RIAA has been employing draconian methods aimed at trying to ‘prevent piracy’ such as filing hundred thousand dollar lawsuits against Harlem grandmothers who don’t even own a computer. (huffpost puffpeice on rosen)

So, while the Huffpost brings aboard a RIAA hatchet lady, they pull this neat trick. Here are the details

  • An artist, Paulo, posts a time lapse video of clouds to youtube and pretty much puts it in the public domain. It is undeniably his work.
  • People start using the video as a basis for some paradoy. OK so far.
  • An offshoot of the Huffington Post,, creates their parody using the clouds video. However, they tag the video as being copyrighted by them
  • Paulo gets a nastygram from der volks at google saying his video violated copyright and was being taken down.

So, the sweet irony here is that the Huffington Post hires someone who headed an organization that was, by all accouts, overly agressive in copyright enforcement. Then one of their organizations goes and puts their copyright on someone else’s work which results in the original artist’s work being removed from youtube by google.


  • Original post by Paulo
  • Update by Paulo
  • I originally came across this at Boing Boing with articles about the Riaa Ceo and the video hijacking. . The folks at Boing Boing lean a bit to the left. However, I’d recommend the site as a daily read. There is a good selection of technotrivia and a lot of great articles on privacy in the digital world. In addition, they have some really good Steampunk finds.

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