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Patrick Murphy D-PA votes for forfieture of your home if your kids download music

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Patrick Murphy, Democrat of Pennsylvania has voted AYE on a House bill that would essentially allow the government to confiscate your home if your kids download a couple of songs.

Yep, you got that right. If your 12 year old downloads a couple of songs, you can lose everything. If one of your kid’s friends comes over regularly and uses your wifi, some bloated pig like Michael Moore can start procceedings that will throw you out on the street and cause you to lose your medical coverage and leave you penniless.

Yep, Comrade Murphy has voted to put everything you’ve worked for all of your life at risk for downloading some music. Worse yet, there are scenarios where you may actually have purchased the music legally but can’t prove it. How much of a chance do you think you will have against the million dollar lawyers of the recording industry.

Our House of Representatives have decided that the rights of emotional misfits like Britney Spears (of the missing panties and drug use fame) and others of her ilk are so important that you can lose everything. Also, keep in mind that RIAA has been known to prosecute people who were entirely innocent like people who don’t even own a computer.

If you have a business, you had better have a clear no-piracy policy and aggressively enforce that. The problem is if you fire an employee for piracy, they’ll probably sue you. Shakespeare was right in Henry VI about lawyers.

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One Response to Patrick Murphy D-PA votes for forfieture of your home if your kids download music

  • If Murphy is unable to connect a subject with the fact he “served in Iraq,” his brain disconnects and his tongue goes marble mouth.

    I have never seen a man who is more obsessed with laying claim over and over to his ‘service’ in Iraq, all three months of it as an advocate lawyer in the Green Zone representing Iraqi’s.

    Murphy puts John Kerry to shame in the pandering department.

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