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Active windows not showing in the XP Taskbar and Kelly’s Korner

I had a situation on my wife’s XP machine where, for some unknown reason, it would not show the active windows on the taskbar. I played around with it for a bit and just couldn’t get them to show.

I did some research and found a site where an MVP has a bunch of scripts up that will fix a whole bunch of problems. I’m a bit leery about running VBS and REG files from a site but it seemed to check out fine. (You will have to use at your own risk). The one that was referenced in other resources as the one to fix the problem was #240 at It was a VBS script. I ran it and it instantly fixed the problem.

The main site is at

Anyway, it is a great resource. The main trick is to be able to find the correct tweak. You might have to eyeball the tweaks listed or try searches that will match your problem and also reference Kelly’s site.

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