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Printing with Google Gmail is slow or hangs

One of our clients just went over to Gmail. He called this morning saying that printing emails was taking a long time, was crashing the machine and when it didn’t crash, the print was tiny, almost like microfiche.

I looked at my GMail and found that if I went to a message and hit File, Print, it would take almost 30 seconds to see my printer list. If I went to any other webpage and did a File Print, the printer list appeared in less than 5 seconds.

The answer turned out to be simple. If you want to print a message in Gmail, don’t use the File Print (Now isn’t that intuitive). Instead, look right under the bold header with the subject of the message. Now look at the line below that. Off to the right, you will see show details 3:38 AM (12 hours ago) Reply and a down arrow. Choose the down arrow and print from there. You will get a much faster response and the text will not be mouse sized.

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