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Target loses disability lawsuit

First of all, let me say I can sympathize with persons with disabilities. I’ve had firsthand experience. HOWEVER, the lawsuit against Target Online and the settlement defies any logic or reason. To sum it up, some guy who was visually impaired could not easily purchase things online from Target. Sooooo. rather than try to get a friend or social worker to help, he hires Dewey Cheetum and Howe, ambulance ch… er I mean trial lawyers to file a multi million dollar lawsuit against Target.

The end result is that anyone with visual disabilities who claims to have been unable to purchase gets $3500 and, if they tried twice, they get 7 grand. Supposedly those who file false claims will be subject to perjury. Yeah right. This is going to be like one of those bus accidents where a Greyhound bus gets in a fender bender and all of a sudden you find out that there were 420 passengers on it with whiplash. Keep in mind that the trail lawyers (ie those of the John Edwards “Channel dead babies for fun and multimillion dollar profits” will get about half of the proceeds if they are doing the usual “Lawsuit Lottery Jackpot Crackpot Bingo” routine. So, for every person who thinks they tried to access Target online, Dewey Cheetum and Howe add about 1750 to 3500 to their coffers. Not bad huh?

One of the major problems with this country is out of control litigation nurtured by judges who themselves were often trial lawyers and lawyers who infest our federal and state legislators. They have a stake in making a byzantine legal structure and encouraging these kinds of lawsuits.

So, am I for throwing the visually impaired under the bus?? not hardly. My eyesight is getting closer to the legally blind status, I have the beginnings of cataracts and am a candidate for Macular Degeneration thanks to the prevelence of Lyme disease in our area. What SHOULD happen in a free society, or a society free from Lawyer-Judge-Parasites, is that the open market should decide. The Internet is still in it’s infancy and a lot of the things we use daily are the result of underfunded entrepreneurs. In a case like this, if Target continued to ignore the visually impaired, then sooner or later one of the following would happen

  • Another large company would choose to invest the capital to build a system that would make their site more accesible thereby gaining positive publicity and market share. -or-
  • Some entrepreneur would come up with a technological solution to the problem that would allow more websites to be accessible to all with visual problems.

So, the free market would have taken care of the situation. However, that isn’t good enough for some people, especially the Trail-lawyer parasites.

One final word with stuff like this, keep in mind that the upcoming Presidential election is between a bitter lawyer married to a bitter lawyer and a genuine war hero married to a woman who owns one of the largest beer distributorships in the world… Wanna guess who I’m rooting for?? When you vote in the upcoming election, consider that the judge responsible for this debacle was nominated by none other than Jimmy Carter. This is the typical liberal mindset of big nanny state governement and letting trial lawyers run the show.

Oh heck, that wasn’t the final final word. I’m not sure if this was a jury trial or not, but what irks me is that the judge is making over a hundred grand a year, they defense lawyers are making something like 400 and hour and the plaintiff’s lawyers get to stuff all the contingency fee cash into their pockets that they can. What is priceless is that they get to force 6 or 14 people to be jurors for the whopping sum of 9 bucks a day each while the ‘people’ of the court system line their pockets… Indentured servitude or slavery lives on.

But for now, Vegrandis res erus caveo (Small business owner beware)

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