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Using a key from a boxed Norton 2008AV to renew a trial version

I had purchased a 3 license version of Norton Internet Security 2008. It was installed on 2 computers which left a third license available.

My laptop’s hard drive crashed a while back and I had to reinstall Vista (THAT was a LOT of fun). When I reinstalled, I ended up with the trial version of Norton Internet Security 2008. That trial subscription just ended. I really didn’t want to go through the uninstall and reinstall.

When you go into Licensing from the NIS control panel, you have three options. The second is to “Use my product key” and the third has to do with the key that you purchase online. I chose the second option and a series of input boxes came up that matched the format of the key that came with my boxed version. I entered the boxed version’s key and all was happy. NIS now reports 196 days remaining on my subscription. Keep in mind that the countdown starts with the first copy you install of the three available licenses.

I always make it a habit to write which machine licenses were installed to and when on the CD sleeves especially for multi license products. That helps you figure out later if any licenses are still available.

Anwyay, I saved myself about an hour of time by simply entering the boxed product key.

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