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Backing up your Blogger Blogs

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We’ve been doing a boatload of posts on one of our blogs. That particular blog is hosted on blogger. There is always a possibility that the blog could end up flushed down the memory hole.

So, how do you back up a google blogspot blog? There is nothing in the control panel that will allow you to do so.

We found a third party solution that also happens to be open source and free at this time. It’s the blogger backup which can be found at codeplex

We downloaded and installed it on our Vista Laptop.

You can log in with your blogger id and it will find all the blogs where you are listed as an author. We backed up the blog we were most concerned about. The 400 plus posts were backed up to a single atom file in a matter of minutes along with the comments. That particular blog uses very few images so we didn’t have to worry about that. If you want to back up the images you uploaded, there are other tools for that.

Anyway, it will give us a little peace of mind to be able to periodically back up our blogs.

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