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Kodak Adobe Photoshop Photo Downloader and “parameter not found”

I had a client who called with a problem. He had an older Kodak 4900 camera with the Adobe Photoshop Photo Downloader 3.2. When he hit the button on the camera dock the software would respond with a fairly useless “Parameter not found”

Since he had the cd I tried reloading the program but the problem remained. I checked via my computer and could see the pictures he took. However, on closer examination, one of the pictures was showing an error.

I deleted that pic and the program worked perfectly.

I questioned him a bit more and it turns out that something happened when he took the first picture. The camera locked up. He had to remove the batteries to reset the camera. That left a corrupted photo in the camera which the software could not handle.

So, if you run into this, try going through My Computer and manually deleting the picture that doesn’t show a proper thumbnail.

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