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Belkin mobile power supply is not working

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I had a Belkin Mobile Power supply for about 8 months. All of a sudden, it stopped working.

What would happen was that the laptop screen would dim and the indicator lights showed that the unit was not providing power. I contacted Belkin and they shipped a replacement power supply.

When I plugged that in, I got the same exact results. IOW, it wasn’t the power supply. If I plug in my OEM HP power supply, that works fine.

It appears that the problem is probably in the M029 tip. For some reason, it isn’t making a proper connection.

So, I might end up eaating the cost of shipping the power supply back. My next move is to get back in touch with Belkin and get a replacement tip. Hopefully that will work.

UPDATE – Belkin sent a new tip which worked perfectly. I guess 10 bucks for shipping isn’t that bad considering that Belkin really does stand by their warranty. When I get a chance, I’m going to order a spare tip. The reason is that I could probably pick up one of the travel power supplies almost anywhere while on the road but the tip could take a couple of days to arrive (which would be a bummer in a travel situation)

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