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Laptop USB ports and high draw items such as fans

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I had previously extolled the virtues of devices such as the Targus Chill Mat to keep your laptop running cooler.

However, I have been noticing that the Chill Mat’s Fans seem to be changing speed. I could not find any info as to whether the Chill Mat has any kind of variable speed or thermostat control. It appears that it does not.

That leave a pretty scary proposition that the power going to the USB port is having issues.

So, since I use the laptop at one place at home for the most part, I decided to get the Targus Chill Hub. One major difference is that the Chill Hub is powered from a transformer whereas the old Chill Mat was powered from the laptop’s USB port. This way, there will be no strain on the laptop’s USB power or on the Laptop’s power supply.

I think the price is worth it for the piece of mind.

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