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Motorola Bluetooth earpieces

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I had a bluetooth H375. It was ok but the fit was never comfortable. The earpiece is, I think, way too fragile. It broke.

I contacted customer support and they wanted me to send it back for replacement. OK, but then I’m out of a bluetooth for a week or so.

I went to the store and purchased a higher end model. I don’t remember the exact model but it was about 80 bucks. OK. First of all, I had to attack the packaging with a pair of poultry shears. For a moment or so I thought I would have to use the tin snips I had just purchased.

Once I got it opened, I found that the charger was not a USB plug. You need to use the Motorola charger. That is a pain because I sometimes find myself out of power while on the road and I also don’t want to have to lug another charger when travelling. I took it back to the store.

I looked at all the other models and the USB versions all seem to have the earpiece that appears to have all the strength of a piece of dry spagetti or they are non usb. If you want to have a spare charger, you need to spend 14 bucks for a car charger and/or about 20 bucks for a travel charger.

Right now I am using my H375 by jamming it in my ear like Lt. Uhura on Star Trek. My right ear canal is about 3 centimeters bigger than my left.

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