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Another dying Actiontec Router from Verizon Fios

I was going crazy with my Verizon fios service. The router would keep locking up resulting in a need to reboot. Even after rebooting, we had to fiddle with the laptops and desktops to get everything reconnected.

We noticed that when my son tried to upload a 40MB file to Youtube, the router would definitely crash. This was repeatable.

The other thing that was odd was that it would prompt for a password reset every so often and the parental control rules would disappear. (I’m sure it wasn’t our son doing it).

Verizon shipped a replacement router. The install was a little flakier than I would have liked. First of all, I saved the config from the old router. When I tried to load it on the new router, I got a message that the config file was corrupt. I had to manually reconfigure the router which wasn’t that big of a deal.

The other thing that was weird was that I noticed that the router had the SSID of a neighbor’s router in the config. However, when I looked at my connection on my laptop, I was connected properly to my ssid. That makes no sense at all. The new router properly shows my SSID. I’m not sure if the router was hacked or not. We never ran with the default passwords.

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