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The great mobile phone quest – Blackberry Storm and Curve ruled out.

I’m in the market for a new mobile phone. There are a couple of sites I want to access via the phone:

  • I teach an online course using the ecollege platform
  • Go2mypc
  • The google adsense and adwords control panel

From what I could tell, it appears that the Storm and Curve will not let me access any of these sites. The problem with the course is that it doesn’t support the blackberry browser. I dont’ think ecollege is preventing access but the front end of the school is. Go2mypc requires Java and the adwords control panel requires javascript. None of these appear to be available on the Blackberry platform.

So, now we are looking at some of the phones that use the Windows OS such as the Samsung Saga. I’m not sure if they will work or not but we are going to do some testing and I’ll update this post. I spoke with the tech support at go2mypc and they believe it will work.

What we are going to do is change our passwords, then go to the verizon store and try logging into the three sites I mentioned above. Once we confirm or deny compatability, then I’ll go outside, fire up the laptop , and change the passwords.

So, as a word of caution, if you are using a smartphone for basic browsing, you will probably be OK. If you are planning to use it for access to specific sites, then you need to make absolutely sure that the phone has the capability to access those sites. Keep in mind that the sites may make changes that will make your phone incompatable with their site.

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