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Organizing your laptop bag

I got a little tired of having to root through my laptop bag looking for things like earphones, usb hubs , usb cables etc.

I did a couple of simple things to get a little better organized

  • I bought a pair of clear vinyl pencil cases from Officemax. The nice thing is I can easily see what is in each bag. As a bonus, it makes things a little easier for the screeners at the airport
  • I had a mini set of headphones which kept getting tangled into a Gordian Knot. A really simple solution was to take an old first aid adhesive spool. I simply wind the cord from the earphones around the spool and secure that with a velcro strap. It’s fast and easy.
  • I bought one of those multi usb cables. It is basically a USB extension cable with an assortment of the common tips. That works great also.
  • One thing I do want to get is one of those ‘roll up’ ethernet cables. They simply store the ethernet cable in a retractable spool.

So the end result is I got rid of all the junk and now have things organized a whole lot better.

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