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Saga Saga – A tale of two browsers

So far the Samsung Saga running Window Mobile Pro 6.x has been working out great. It has Opera and Explorer installed. Having two browsers is nice because some pages load a bit slowly. If that is the case, you can switch over to your secondary browser and do some surfing there.

Also, not every site wants to work with a given mobile browser. Having more than one browser makes it more likely that you will be able to get to a site.

The downside is that you need to remember which sites work with which browsers but that isn’t that hard.

I’ve found that enabling the mobile mode for Opera really helps the readability of most sites. To do that you go to the Opera Menu, Settings (by hitting the “up arrow” icon again) Display, Mobile view.

You can tweak Explorer Mobile for mobile browsing by going to the menu and choosing “One Column”. That usually makes pages easier to read than the full screen mode.

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