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Samsung Saga – keeping it charged

I have found that using the web, email and some other apps seem to hit the battery hard. I did buy a car charger which works pretty well. In addition, if you have the USB data cable that will also charge it when it is plugged into my laptop.

I tried to plug the data cable into the USB power port on my Belkin Mobile Power supply. It did not seem to be charging the phone. I have to check that out a bit.

I need to make sure that I have the ability to keep the phone charged on the run. Here are a couple of thoughts

1. Buy another 110v charger and keep that handy
2. Look at the battery powered recharge packs.
3. Look into an extended life battery (about 40 bucks or so) That seems to make the unit a little bulkier.
4. rationing web use when away from a recharge source.
5. double checking to see if the USB data cable will charge the phone when the usb cable is plugged into a USB power supply.

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