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The joy of hibernation for laptops

I have found that the hibernation mode is the best for my laptop. I take the laptop with me most of the time. This means i am regularly shutting it.

If i try to shut it down, that take s a lot of time. Quite often, I am in a hurry to get out the door.

I set the laptop to allow hibernation. Hibernation is a state where the contents of memory gets saved to disk and the machine shuts down completely. When you power back up, your workspace is read back into memory leaving you with all the windows you had previously.

I set the power scheme so that the machine hibernates when shut while on battery. This is done through the Control Panel, System, Power Settings. You want to pay attention to the action taken when you shut the lid when on battery.

All i need to do when leaving a location is to remove the power cord and then shut the lid. the hibernation process will finish while the laptop is in the bag .

The advantages to this setup are :

  • the machine shuts down which prevents overheating. In hibernation the power is off. That also means that there is almost no battery drain.
  • The time to get the machine into the travel bag is minimized.
  • When you restart, all of your windows and data are where they were when you shut down. That way, you can continue where you left off without restarting apps and reloading data.

If you just put the system into the standby mode instead of hibernation, there is a slow but steady drain on the battery. If you don’t plug the machine into AC power, your battery will usually be flat within a day.

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