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300 Bucks for a Verizon Samsung Saga THAT DOESN”T WORK

I purchased Samsung Sagas from Verizon for me and my son. Mine is working OK. His keeps going into a mode where the phone will not work. It will not send or receive calls nor will it work with data except with wifi. When you try to dial, you get a message that there is no service. IOW, I have a three hundred dollar worthless piece of junk.

When we took it back to the store, they contacted support and were told that it was a known issue. Supposedly there was a download available on the Verizon website. We could not find it. The phone seemed to work OK for a couple of days. Today my son came home and said that the data wasn’t working nor was the phone. I contacted support and they supposedly reset everything. An hour later, the phone was not working again. I called support again and this tech said it was a known issue. Supposedly no patch is available yet.

Their initial response was to return the phone to the store. That was a problem for a couple of reasons (1) the timeframe on the 70 dollar rebate was running out and I could not return the phone to the store if I removed the barcodes and (2) our son will be going on a number of class trips and I want him to have a working phone.

We ended up with Verizon agreeing to ship a replacement phone directly to me. In the meantime, I still had my LG envy sitting there with a half charged battery. Verizon switched the service to the Envy so now my son at least has a working phone.

The Tech Support was patient and helpful considering I wasn’t in the best of mood having paid 300 bucks for a non working phone. He said that I was the first person with a problem with the phone.

So… Now we have to wait for the replacement phone to arrive, then get the store to swap the data on the phones, then we need to ship the old phone back and hope that the replacement is not one of the phones affected by the glitch.

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