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Samsung Saga Reception

I was in the middle of a family emergency when I realized just how bad the reception and connectivity was on my Samsung Saga. I missed and dropped two calls from doctors due to poor reception. The problem was that the docs were in the hospital and I had no way to get back to them. When I was in the hospital I was usually without signal. The irony was that my wife’s 29 dollar phone would get great reception anywhere in the hospital.

My son has an identical Saga. When we were driving I had him hold both phones and watch the signal strength. My phone was consistently 1 to 2 bars lower than his.

I called verizon and they wanted me to go through troubleshooting with their tech. I explained that I had already done the reprogramming several times and that I had tested it alongside another saga. Fortunately the tech agreed to send a new phone out. The new phone was on a par with my sons. I’m still not overly happy with the reception but the new phone is a definite improvement.

About the only way that I can figure to diagnose the poor signal stregnth is to compare it to another phone but most people won’t have that option.

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