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Quickbooks Registration Process. What a pain

I purchased a copy of Quickbooks 2009. Intuit has changed the activation process. After you register the software, it comes up and tells you you have to call in for the activation code.

So, I called the 800 number. It’s a good thing I didn’t try to do this at night or on a weekend as they are not 24×7. When I called in I had to listed to some pre-recorded advertising for various quickbooks add ons.

When I got to the rep, I was again subjected to “do you want payroll” etc. I said no and gave the rep my license number and product code. Great. (btw the activation group appears to be outsourced overseas). You would think that they should be able to pop the numbers in and give you an activation code immediately. NOPE… I was sitting on hold for about another five minutes. Now, just how long does it take to put the numbers in and give me an activation code unless perhaps they are in Elbonia and need to dig through the mud to find the broken abacus.

Total time to register (which is good for my desktop and laptop) was 11 minutes

Intuit needs to get their act together here. The problem right now is that they are about the only player in the game.

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