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Malicious email snafus Samsung Saga messaging

My previous post mentioned that I was having assorted problems including the loss of the Voice Command function on my Samsung Saga running Windows Mobile 1.5.

After I had fixed the Voice Command issue, I noticed that my messaging key (in the lower right of the keypad) was not bringing up messaging. I also found that I could not start the messaging app at all.

If I pulled the storage card (when the unit was shut off) I could then access messaging. With the card out, I restarted the phone and was able to access the messaging. I found one suspicious V-agra email and deleted that. As soon as that message was deleted, I began to receive emails that we sitting on the server for the last six hours.

I reinstalled the storage card and tried again. As soon as I went into Options, Storage and checked ‘when available, use the storage card to store attachments’ the messaging would lock up. I was able to get control back by unchecking the storage card option.

I then went into File Explorer and to the storage card. I found a couple of folders at the root of the storage card that began with inbox.mst300 I deleted these folders (Do so at your own risk. I’m not sure if there is anything other than attachments in them). After deleting these folders, things began to work normally.

Summary – I believe that the one message contained an attachment that corrupted the storage card and caused windows to act very strangely. The phone would not return to normal until I deleted all of the inbox folders on the storage card and also deleted the offending message.

The question I have at this point is if the email contained any type of trojan that would affect the phone. I suppose it is a case of locking the barn door after the horse is gone but I am going to look into an antivirus app for the phones.

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