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Password and password reset idiocy

I would love to get the idiots that design the password and password reset system in a room for just five minutes..

I hadn’t used my account for a while. When I was using it, the password was remembered so I wasn’t typing it in. I usually use an algorithm for my passwords.

Well, I wanted to DO ONE SIMPLE THING.. Just one stinking thing… order some Stinking supplies from the stinking post office… Yep, should have taken all of five minutes…

Well, I went to login and it didn’t accept my password. OK, I checked the algo and tried again. I tried a couple of variations..

Well, fine.. I’ll just go for the password reset. A screen came up asking “In which city were you born in”.. Well, let’s put aside that the fine governmment flunkies can’t get the grammar correct.
I put in the city where I was born. First of all, this type of question is a PAIN IN MY ROYAL BUTT. You might ask why?

  • First of all, with things like google, information such as ‘in which city were you born in’ or ‘what is your mother’s maiden name” ARE ALL TOO EASY TO FIND OUT. Just ask Governor Sarah Palin about how the son of a democratic honcho hacked here email account with some basic research and lucky guesses.
  • So, given the above, I sometimes obfuscate things. I might put philly instead of philly.
  • On top of that the idiots at the postal service demand that the secret answer match in case with what you originally entered. Oh, just great, I’m now left guessing Philadelphia, PHILADELPHIA, Philly, philly, PHILLY, None of your freaking business, outer mondovia etc.

Oh, let’s add some extra frustration. I tried the “Live chat”.. “We’re from the government and we’re here to help you”.. Unless you are talking about a time other than 8 to 4 weekdays. Wonderful. I can’t wait till the government runs our health care.. “Sorry Chris, We understand your appendix is about to rupture but we are closed for the weekend and the employees have a mandatory SEIU meeting all day monday.

OK, I was finally forced to sign up for another account. Luckily it appears to have let me do so with the same email address I used previously.

When I signed up for the new account, I noticed that the password rules require at least one cap, one letter and at least one ancient Greek or Sanskrit character. Seriously, the cap thing is a pain for me because I don’t have my algo wired for each individual set of password naziism that you can run into. If people are stupid enough to use their name in the password with a 1 after it, then let them get hacked. However, a lot of the password restrictions I’ve run into are pretty arbitrary.

The sum total of wasted time was a little over an hour. Great work folks. I can’t wait till I have a medical emergency and have to deal with government bozos.

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