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A nasty ransomware trojan

There is a trojan that tricks people into entering their data. Meanwhile it grabs your browsing history. After it gets the info, it publishes your personal information and browsing history to the web. It then notifies you that you have to pay to have it removed.

However, they don’t just use your credit card information, they sell it which means a stolen credit card and possible identity theft. More information is available at the BBC.

There are a couple of things that people should keep in mind to protect themselves.

  1. Many of the new antivirus applications will provide indications of sites that are malicious. You should be surfing with those enabled.
  2. Before you purchase any product or service to remove a recently acquired virus or, in this case, to ‘remove your listing’, be aware of the very real possibility that it is ransomware.
  3. Many people use one credit card solely for online purchases. With the availability of prepaid credit and debit cards, one can use these when there is the slightest doubt as to the legitimacy of a site offering software or services.

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