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Secure Google Search

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Google has released a secure search in beta (test mode). This will, to some degree, hide your search terms and results from third parties on your network. This will help hide your searches from your boss at work, other visitors at a hotel or at school.

Keep in mind that this is in a test mode at this time. Also, once you click on one of the search results it is quite probable that the URL and page data would be visible. Another factor to consider is that google will store your search queries.

Is it worth the trouble? For home use, probably not. Most schools and corporate IT departments will still be able to figure out if you are using the internet inappropriately. However, in cases such as working on sensitive projects while traveling and/or using guest internet connections, it would probably be worth the effort. Currently the encrypted version of google search can be accessed by

For more information, see the google article

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  • Interesting. A lot of people frowns upon Google's security and privacy and have created quite a buzz in tech and non-tech world alike.

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