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Pay as you go wireless broadband

We had a home office client whose DSL went down. They needed immediate connectivity. The solution was to purchase a Virgin Mobile wireless modem and airtime.

The modem was about $80. The plans currently offered are a 10 day, limited bandwith plan for about 10 and a one month, unlimited data plan for about $40.

The client needed about a week of connectivity and sends and receives large files so he opted for the $40 plan.

The usb modem was relatively easy to install. Once the modem was installed all we needed to do was to apply the $40 credit we had purchased with the card.

Overall it worked well. However, it was a desktop system which sits on the floor under a desk. Therefore, reception was not that great. I had a USB extension cable which allowed me to place the modem in a better location. Be aware that you might need to move your system to a  location where you get better reception if you have a weak signal.

Overall, the install process was pretty straighforward.

The pay as you go aircard is not a solution for everyone. However, it can be extremely useful in situations such as the one we encountered.

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