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Free Reverse Phone Number lookups appear to not be so free any more

I used, and similar services for a number of years. You simply typed in a phone number into the reverse phone search and it would provide the listing information if the number was listed.

This was handy for those odd calls on the caller id that didn’t have a name attached.

I went to lookup a number today and found that all of the reverse phone search services I tried are now paid services.

If anyone knows of a truly free reverse phone service I’d appreciate if you would leave a link in the comments.

I am not complaining that the providers are charging for this service. I’m just wondering how and why the business model changed.

I did find that searching for a number in Google seems to bring up the paid reverse phone searches first. The odd thing is that many of these are using the word ‘free’ in their pages so it appears that they are a free service. I’ll have to see what happens when I feed a raw phone number to other search engines.

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