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Verizon FIOS Copyright violation notice. DEALING WITH MORONS

I called Verizon today to see if I could get a cheaper plan for the house phone that did not have fios on it. When I called, I got a message that there was an alleged copyright infringement.

Well, I found out I can’t get anything less than about $50 a month with caller ID.

I tried to find out what was going on with the copyright infringement thing. SO FAR I HAVE WASTED TWO PRECIOUS HOURS OF MY LIFE trying to get to the bottom of this.

I can’t simply ignore it because Coke snorting screwed up hollywood a-holes like Charlie Sheehan have to support their tens of thousands of dollars a month drug habits. Hollywood has donated thousands to the congresscritters and the current white house occupier in exchange for laws favorable to them. The steaming piles of fecal matter have done things like sued a 60 year old grandmother in a housing project because her young pre-teen daughter downloaded about 5 songs… FOR SOMETHING LIKE A QUARTER MILLION DOLLARS..

I am now well into hour 3 with the non-support department at verizon.. I have to find out if it was a real complaint or if it was some little bastard schmuck of an ambulance chasing turd of a laywer who filed something.

I did go online on both accounts and checked there. Both accounts for the two phones say that there is no violation notice.

If you want to know how I feel about this: Shakespeare Henry IV. (Act IV, Scene II)

Screw Hollywood. 28 million people watched 2 1/2 men to find out that sheehans character fell on a third rail and exploded.. 28 people watched that drivel that was the result of a so called actor being unable to function in a useless sit-com. How many of those people are aware that the whitehouse pushed a loan to a company called Solyndra AND 500 ****BILLION**** dollars is missing??? Hmmm.. I’ll bet it doesn’t come anywhere close to 28 million people .   How many people are aware that the Obama department of justice was FORCING gun stores to sell weapons to illegal narco terrorist buyers and those weapons were used to kill US border agents?? Not 28 million..

Hollywood is the new circus of the “panem et circenses” of 2000 years ago.. Keep the people ignorant by feeding them drivel from hollywood, pay off the congresscritters and get laws allowing you to sue homeowners for alleged copyright infringement.

Screw hollywood and the leftist, useless bastards that compose it.

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