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WARNING – Anarchists plan Denial of Service attack on Oct 10 2011

The “Occupy Wall Street” Anarchist morons are planning to attack Wall Street with a denial of service attack on October 10th. “NYSE shall be erased from the internet”.

This is a serious threat.  Banking, stocks and other transactions could be affected.

The impacts are

  • Inability to transact business on the internet
  • Inability to access money.
  • Loss of records
What you can do
  • Check ALL of your systems for evidence of trojans or other malware. In order for this to work, the perptrators need to have tens of thousands of computers under their control
  • Make sure that you have cash on hand prior to the weekend.
  • Make sure that you have downloaded copies of financial transactions for your banks, IRA’s, Mortgages and any other financial transaction.
  • Make sure that you have current backups, especially of servers.
  • Have a plan for your family in the event that communications are disrupted.
These people are idiot anarchists. They are trying to collapse the system. It is possible.

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