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Want to know what that pic is?? search by uploading an image.

Here is an incredible google trick.. you can search by image.

Suppose you see an image on a blog and wonder what the pic is?  Here is one way you might find out. (this is also useful for dating sites where you can, in many cases, spot a fake profile pic)


  1. Go to the picture you want to search. Right click on it and scroll down to “Save Image As”.. click it and save to your pictures folder.
  2. Go to
  3. Click on “Images”.
  4. You will see a search box with a camera icon in the right side of the box.. click on the camera.
  5. A box will pop up which gives you a blue link that reads “Upload an image”.
  6. Browse to the pic you just saved.
  7. Google will search for that image.

As an alternative, you can search by the url

  1. right click on the image you want to search
  2. choose Copy Link Location or Copy image URL etc. depending on your browser
  3. go to
  4. click on images
  5. paste the link in.
This is an amazing and somewhat creepy tool. It could be used for nefarious purposes or it could be used by webmasters or models to determine if their pictures are being used without permission.

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