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Wikipedia Blackout in protest of the Stop anti piracy legislation

Wikipedia is staging a blackout on Wednesday Jan 18 in protest of the STOP piracy act. The stop piracy act is an insane move by the coke snorting, heroin using hollywood degenerates to grab every penny then can, legitimately or otherwise.

The STOP act is a bi-partisan cluster fark. Those who received large amounts of money from the entertainment industry supported this unconstitutional bill.

Suppose you go outside and your 5 year old kid is dancing to Lady GaGa (First of all,   that is a problem right there). Anyway, you record the scene on your phone and upload it to youtube. Guess what, if more than 25 people view that video, you are a felon facing hundreds of thousands of dollars in legal fees, court costs and penalties.

Oh, and if you hire a lawyer … It is tried in FEDERAL court so you need a lawyer able to practice before the feds.. Think a 15 grand retainer to start. (Also think Shakespeare’s Henry VI but that is another matter)

Yep, just posting a video of your kid dancing to the music of some freak could result in your losing everything.. your house, your savings, your car, your retirement and maybe a nice stay in a federal pen.

Wikipedia is shutting down for 24 hours in protest. God Bless them for having the testicular fortitude to do so. Contact your congresscritters and tell thim you are opposed to this travesty of a bill.

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