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Droid x and car dock not charging

I recently purchased a car dock for my son. He and I both have Droid-X’s. He is using his phone as a GPS Navigator while in the car. We noticed a disturbing trend with both phones in that the car dock does not seem to charge the phone. It will keep the current charge but will not increase the battery level. I’ve confirmed this with the Battery Mixer app.

I’ve hunted around for some possible solutions. I’m not sure which I’ll try first but I have to do something as I paid 40 dollars for a next to useless car dock. (Are the engineers that stupid?)

I did find a couple of possibilities while digging through related posts

  1. If the battery becomes warm, it could stop charging. This does not seem to be our current problem (Battery Mixer shows the temperature on a graph)
  2. The DC plug is not capable of allowing enough amperage through. This seems dumb to have to rewire something you just purchased
  3. Google maps seems to use quite a bit of juice. Perhaps switching to another navigation app would resolve the issue.
  4. The phone is not fitting securely in the dock. Someone suggested wedging a thickness or two of a business card behind the phone where the usb plug is located.
I’ll post an update when we get the stupid dock to actually charge the phone.

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