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j17_finder_tokens error in Joomla Database

During a recent migration from Joomla 1.5.25 to 2.5.1, we found that phpmyadmin was showing an error of The storage engine for the table doesn’t support when trying to check or repair tables.

The tables showing the error were

.j17_finder_tokens_aggregate and

Neither of these tables appeared to have any records.

I tried

  1. rename both tables to end in _tmp in phpmyadmin
  2. Click the DATABASE tab in the EXTENSION MANAGER in Jooml’as back end.
  3. Click FIX

After running a check and repair from MySQL, it appears I am still getting the same error. My plan is to run the site for a week or so to see if there is really a problem.

If there is, I may need to do a dump and restore.

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