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Joomla extension failure upload due to max file upload size – workaround

I was installing Joomla 2.5 for a client. The hosting service changed from their proprietary hosting control panel to CPanel. PHP is set for a maximum file upload size of 2 Megabytes.

I wanted to install a Joomla extension called Fabrik. The problem was that the Fabrik extension is over 3M which caused a failure to upload and install. I spoke with the host and they gave some directions as to adding a php.ini file. I played with that for a while but the php info was still reporting a 2M file upload restriction.

We are on tight timeline for this project. Instead of trying to figure this out, I took another route.


  1. extract the installation from it’s ZIP file.
  2. FTP the extracted folder to /tmp via Filezilla
  3. Click on the uploaded folder name in FileZilla
  4. Copy the file path
  5. Go to the Joomla installation manager and look for INSTALL FROM DIRECTORY.
  6. Look at the path already listed. You need to be familiar with the server paths but it is basically an issue of pasting the file path on to the end of the path listed in the Install from directory field.
  7. Click the INSTALL button
If you see a success message, it worked. Don’t forget to go into the module or plugin manager and enable/publish the extension.
That worked for me. After I get the site up and running, I’ll take the time to figure out how to change the upload file size restriction. The hosting company indicated that the provide the capability
we offer remote Joomla consulting services.

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