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Adobe 1606 Error

I’ve been running into some problems with adobe products and a 1606 error. This is happening on both the free products and paid products.

I was dealing with an installation of acrobat pro x. It had been working and then suddenly stopped. This was apparently the result of an update.

After trying all the suggestions in their forums, I called tech “Support”. After about 45 minutes with a first level offshore support tech, I asked to get pushed up to the next level. A second level offshore support tech called.

He had me run through what I had done previously. No matter what we tried, we could not update, install or uninstall adobe pro X.

After one of the technician’s attempts, the machine started to behave very sluggishly. At that point, I had worked with them for over 2 hours and could not resolve the issue. I had to break off the call in order to try to do a system restore. That was giving me problems as well. I suspect that there might be a rights issue involved with both situations.

What annoys me is that the 1606 issue has been known to Adobe for over 2 years. Their solutions include uninstalling microsoft office, installing adobe, then reinstalling   MS Office. Is it just me or does anyone else thing that ‘solution’ is insane, ridiculous, stupid, ignorant, asinine and idiotic?

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