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Windows “Easy” Transfer – Microsoft can’t tell time.

I’m in the middle of a Windows Easy Transfer. The new computer says “Transfer time 1 minute”.  It has said that for the past 3 Hours.

Hey Bill Gates… Send your employees back to Montessori Pre School for a class on Mr. Clock.   3 Freaking Hours does NOT, Repeat NOT equal 1 freaking minute.

Right now, I’m faced with the choices of

(1) Killing the process and possibly screwing things up
(2) Waiting for an indefinite period of time for the stupid thing to finally finish.

BTW – I checked the the task manager and it appeared to be running….


It FINALLY finished after about 3.25 hours…

Now for another gripe… The easy transfer gives you a list of programs that you might want to install. However, as far as I can tell, there is no way to print this or save it to a file. There **Might** be a log file.

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