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J-Google-Adsense extension for Joomla showing wrong publisher ID

I was not getting the expected page views and click throughs on some of my sites running adsense. A quick investigation showed that the wrong publisher ID was on my site.

I had been using an extension called J-Google-Adsense to display adsense code. I checked the configuration and my correct code was in the publisher’s ID box. HOWEVER, it was not showing my code on the page.

I went to the Joomla extensions site and looked up the J-Google-adsense extension. When I looked the extension up, I saw

This extension has been unpublished for the following reason:

I am in the process of uninstalling J-Google Adsense from my sites and using a Custom HTML module to display the adsense code.
Lesson – BE CAREFUL with extensions you load. I don’t know exactly what happened but I do know that I lost revenue using this extension.

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One Response to J-Google-Adsense extension for Joomla showing wrong publisher ID

  • We believe to understood the reason for this. We had the same problem and we entered into the module mod_j_google_adsense.php – in this file it is forced the customer code (echo "google_ad_client = "pub-6480376874441355";rn";) and the channel code (echo "google_ad_channel = "3966431623"; rn";) so that anyone click on your site give money to them…

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