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Workaround for scanning issues with a Sharp MX-C311 and WIndows 7

We were upgrading an office to Win7 machines from Win XP machines. (Sept 2012). The office used a Sharp Multifunction Printer for scanning and printing. Setting up the printing went smoothly. However, when we tried to set up the scanning from the MFP to the individual Win 7 machines, we were getting a CE-00 network error. We tried setting up a machine without Norton Antivirus but that only resulted in the error changing to a ‘could not find server’ error.

The copier people said that the issue has something to do with SMB. We tried to numerous times to get the scanner to write to shared files on the Windows 7 machines without success. The network was a simple peer to peer network and the machines were Windows 7 Professional.

I decided to try using our Buffalo Linkstation NAS as a place for the scan folders instead of sharing folders from each Win 7 user’s machine. That solved the problem immediately. I pointed each user to a folder I created on the Linkstation called ‘scans’ and created a folder for each user.

One user has more sensitive data so I had to set up a separate folder with more restricted permissions for that user.  The net result is that using the NAS solved the problem with no performance penalty.I never did ascertain what was causing the problem but needed to move on.


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